freshman advice: just dont show up

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I have the absolute best schedule for next semester

I literally only have to go to one class on Wednesday, from 4:55-6:10.

Like…I can sleep, and get some good hours for work.

I also have Fridays off still.



if i were a caterpillar i would probably emerge from my cocoon as another slightly fatter caterpillar

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I find it really ironic that I got more action when I was the only gay kid in high school as opposed to now when I live in probably one of the gayest areas in NYC and go to one of the gayest schools on the face of this planet.

I’m so happy Chipotle is right across the street from me

Now getting out of bed…that’s my problem


((((((((this is a website))))))))))

((((((((((stop taking everything seriously))))))))

((((((stop caring about follower count))))))

(((((((((((((unfollow people if you dont like them)))))))))))))

(((((((((don’t whine if someone deletes your comment)))))))

((((((dont b an asshole and send hate))))))


(((((((((supposed 2 b fun)))))))


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I have been holding my pee for an entire hour and they still haven’t fucking called me